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Zentiva, the generics business for the Sanofi group, is the third largest and fast growing generics company in Europe. With origins dating back to the 15th century, Zentiva is a valued generics partner. Today, Zentiva is at the forefront of developing modern, high-quality and affordable medicines.

They currently operate in 35 markets, targeting a population of close to 800 million people. Zentiva holds leading positions in several pharmaceutical markets, such as the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Turkey and is successfully expanding its business in other international markets Zentiva is committed to delivering high quality generic medicines and providing access to a range of educational and support programs.

Their broad product portfolio covers the main therapeutic areas. Key product groups include anti-infectives and medicines for cardiovascular disease, pain, central nervous system disorders, female healthcare and gastrointestinal disease.

Their modern state-of-the-art facilities employ almost 3,000 people and produce an annual output of 440 million units, making Zentiva one of the largest producers of pharmaceuticals, by volume, in Europe.

Zentiva is a key element of Sanofis’ strategy, delivering high-quality, affordable and trusted medicines, to patients and healthcare providers across Europe.


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