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Complete Plus

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Complete Plus is a unique milk formula that provides an infant/child with Complete nutrition Plus an added benefit relevant to each phase of their development. A brand that thinks like mothers and speaks to mothers in a language they understand.

Complete Plus Nature (0-6 months)

Special added nutrients making it 2nd to Mother Nature.
Nucleotides to help build up the immune system, enhance iron absorption, and decrease diarrhea.
LCPs to boost brain development.

Complete Plus Balance (6-12 months)

Unique formula for the ideal BALANCE of mental and physical development.
AA and DHA Fatty Acids are essential for the growth and functional development of the infant brain.
Macro and Micro nutrients meet the increasing demand for energy, and maintain conditions for optimal physical growth.

Complete Plus Immunity (1-4 years)

This formula helps in protecting the child from infections by boosting the immune system.
Contains Prebiotic fibers and Probiotic bacteria (the friendly bacteria), aiding healthy digestion and strengthening the child’s natural defense system.ense system.


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