IDS launches first of its kind Dermo-Cosmetic Filler | The Gulf Times – UAE

  • IDS launches first of its kind Dermo-Cosmetic Filler | The Gulf Times – UAE

    Al Ittihad Drug Store (IDS), one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors in the UAE has announced the launch of Fillerina, the first non-invasive dermo-cosmetic filler treatment for at home use. Fillerina in developed by Suisse Company LABO and is currently sold in Europe. The product will expand its presence in the Middle East market with IDS acting as their distributor.

    Fillerina is a revolutionary product that will help the end consumer stop the ageing process in the most effective and risk free manner. The product is the first dermo-cosmetic filler for as-home use which means that it does not require under skin injection with a Patented graduated cosmetic precision applicator with truncated tip. Fillerina features – a mix of six different hyaluronic acid molecular weights and sizes that are especially effective at penetrating the layers of the skin and thus allowing tissues to be filled in and plumped up.

    Speaking on the announcement, Dalya Tabari, Director, IDS, said, “The launch of Fillerina in UAE under the IDS umbrella goes in line with our business strategy which is to expand the skin care line of the company with an innovative product. The skin care industry in considered as one of the biggest categories in the world in terms of sales value and product variety and under this industry, anti ageing industry is one of the fastest growing category.”

    The spokesperson further added, “Fillerina has shown extremely positive results in the European market and we are expecting the same response in UAE as well, keeping in mind that the beauty and skincare industry in pretty big in this part of the world as well.”

    Women in the UAE are among the most beauty conscious in the Middle East region. Statistics show skin care industry in UAE has exceeded AED 500 Million sales value in 2014. The average of 6 to 8 percent per annum. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this –
    Firstly; the increase in the spending power has increased tremendously in the last few years. On an average, women in UAE spend between Dh300-Dh800 a month on their beauty and skin care regime and products, depending on their income.

    Secondly, the extreme temperature in the Arab World accompanied with dryness caused by air conditioned homes and outdoor heat; poses threat to skincare which makes it imperative for women to follow a good skin regime at all times.

    Fillerina can be used from the age of 30 and onwards. The product is expected to be available in all main pharmacies and hospitals starting from February 25, 2015.
    Under the skin care category, IDS has other brands like MedColl, Uriage, Rexsol, and Herbline Essentials.


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