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Al Ittihad Drug Store (IDS) is one of the leading distributors in the UAE. We are the  partner for a wide range of pharmaceutical and consumer products in the UAE. IDS has a full distribution network to all pharmacies and supermarkets across the UAE.
During the last ten years, IDS has shown pronounced growth in every category, including growing yearly revenues, market share, no. of prescriptions, product portfolio, and representing international partners.
We attribute our success to our eagerness to be a leader in health care industry, professional competency of our staff, prudent product selection and healthy financial status.

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Deliveries in 2020
Units were packed, shipped and delivered in 2020


Full Network Coverage

Our comprehensive distribution network proudly covers pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, self-service kiosks, and petrol stations across the UAE.

Optimised Time To Market

IDS ensures your products reach the market as quickly as possible by ensuring timely products registration, setting tailor made strategies and successful partner launches.

Successful Partner Launches

Our Partner launches have been and their presence in the UAE is growing year over year.