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Al Ittihad Drug Store (IDS) is one of the leading distributors in the UAE with a turnover exceeding AED 270 millions in 2014. We are the exclusive partner for a wide range of pharmaceutical and consumer products in the UAE. IDS has a full distribution network to all pharmacies and supermarkets across the UAE.
During the last ten years, IDS has shown pronounced growth in every category, including growing yearly revenues, market share, no. of prescriptions, product portfolio, and representing international partners.
We attribute our success to our eagerness to be a leader in health care industry, professional competency of our staff, prudent product selection and healthy financial status.

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Deliveries in 2015
Units were packed, shipped and delivered in 2015


Full Network Coverage

Our comprehensive distribution network proudly covers pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, self-service kiosks, and petrol stations across the UAE.

Optimised Time To Market

IDS ensures your products reach the market as quickly as possible by ensuring timely products registration, setting tailor made strategies and successful partner launches.

Successful Partner Launches

Our Partner launches have been extremely successful and their presence in the UAE is growing year over year.

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IDS Support Division incorporates different departments to support other divisions and to contribute to the overall company mission, vision and objectives: IDS owns more than 200,000 sq. ft. of warehousing facilities, 60 employees and 10 vehicles.

Professional Logistics Department that carries out the company policy of guaranteeing the delivery of all goods within 12 to 24 hours. Customer Service Department that executes quality assurance procedures to ensure that all goods are supplied on time and in the proper condition.

Purchase and Import Department that sets annual forecast orders, stock levels and clearance of products. The protocols are followed stringently to ensure regulations set by the Ministry of health are effectively met.


IDS has one of the most efficient and comprehensive distribution networks in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in the region. In 2010, IDS had made more than 150,000 deliveries across the emirates and shipped more than 3.6 million units in UAE alone.

This vital arm of our business includes two warehousing facilities that meet international standards of compliance – both ISO and GMP. They are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and cover an area of over 200,000 square feet.

Our fleet of vans and dedicated professional sales team cater to more than 1,000 pharmacies and almost 50 hospitals across the UAE and throughout the region, executing orders in an efficient and customer-focused manner.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs constitute an important role in the healthcare industry. Healthcare products, including pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, diagnostics kits, medical devices and disposables require prior licensing from the UAE Ministry of Health to import, market and distribute products.

Our dedicated Regulatory Affairs Department undertakes the responsibility of complying with the Ministry’s regulatory requirements, assisting our partners to prepare all the documents required for registration and fulfilling our partners’ objectives by ensuring timely approvals.

As Ministry regulations are constantly evolving, IDS keeps abreast of this rapidly changing regulatory environment in the UAE. Our Regulatory Team brings a wealth of regional knowledge and industry expertise to ensure that our partners’ products meet all the updated registration guidelines.

Business Development

IDS is uniquely positioned in the UAE to help international partners access the booming national and regional healthcare market.

IDS is one of the top 5 pharmaceutical and consumer health care product distributors and has grown to become one of the most respected names in the industry, renowned for offering attentive service and customized solutions for our international partners.

The key to our success is our commitment to our partners and our customers. We continue to proactively seek opportunities in both the prescription and OTC market. We are also witnessing high demand for medical devices, diagnostic kits and services, and are keen to expand our Consumer healthcare product range.

Institutional Services

Institutional sales in the UAE has exceeded USD 400 Million in 2013. Our dedicated Institutional Sales Department will help our partners participate in tenders for different governmental authorities Such as SEHA, DHA, MOH, Petroleum Companies and other governmental authorities.

Our success and significant sales growth is the result of participation and awarded tenders, strong relationship with all institutional accounts and finding the right opportunities to expand our operations and increase our sales.

Sales & Distribution

IDS has an integrated sales team that covers a diverse retail universe across the UAE, ranging from hospitals, pharmacies, hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenient stores.

Led by the Head of Trade, the division has 3 different teams:

1. Ethical Pharmacy Sales Team.

2. Consumer Pharmacy Sales Team.

3. Supermarket Sales Team.

YaYa Vitamin

YaYa Vitamins range has all the essential vitamins and nutrients that are designed specifically for children, from 2 years of age and above, to give them everything they need to develop Read More into fit young adults. By using great fruit flavors and real fruit juices, kids will look forward for taking their daily vitamins requirements.

All Yaya Vitamins are Gelatin-Free products in the form of chewable animal shaped gummies packed in a tamper-proof container. Each bottle has 60 chewable gummies sufficient for a one-month supply.

The benefits of the vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients in Yaya Vitamins include:


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Vitamin C